Why Coaching?

In a competitive examination, coaching is of crucial importance as every mark matters here unlike in an university examination. Even one mark may make all the difference: a candidate may fail to figure in the list, or may get Group B Services instead of Group A Services, or may get Group A Services instead of I.P. S., or may get I.P.S. instead of I.A.S. And, less number of candidates get qualified, and most candidates get disqualified in a Civil Services Examination whereas in an university examination most candidates pass and a few candidates fail. Thus, in an university examination candidates can pass without coaching. The loss in an University examination is instead of getting distinction one may get first class or instead of first class, second class, or instead of second class, third class.


What is Coaching?

Coaching in R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle involves teaching techniques of intelligent preparation, imparting knowledge through lectures and study material, tests, evaluation, suggestions, etc.


The  standard of some questions of preliminary examination is high as some of the choices given are very close which make the task of choosing a correct answer very difficult. To tackle this type of problems and other problems pertaining to understanding subject matter, we conduct lectures aimed at imparting necessary techniques and information along with objective type tests. Regarding Paper-II of Prelims, we explain to our students the methods of tackling Comprehension, Decision Making, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Basic Numeracy, etc.


Regarding the Main exam, we have learnt out of years of experience that most students are worried more about information rather than organization without realizing that clear information though less gets more marks than more information which is ambiguous. This difference is due to clarity which is a rarity. Clarity is our specialty. How to develop clarity will be explained during the process of coaching.

Regarding Essay, we train our students in the method of writing an Essay so that they can write an essay on any topic.


Why Prelim - Cum - Main Coaching?

Unfortunately, the Civil Services Examination is so structured that students have more time for Prelim and less time for Main. In terms of importance and also quantum, Prelim requires less time as it is only an eligibility test for appearing at Main exam, and it has less syllabus. On the other hand, the Main exam matters a lot in the ultimate selection. Main is more than 3 M.As. How can this be covered in about three months left after the announcement of Preliminary results? Hence, it is wise to commence preparation for the Civil Services Main Examination one year before the examination

Long Term Coaching

Civil Services Long Term Coaching involves orientation of a Civil Services aspirant while studying a degree course in terms of approach, information, clarity in thinking and writing, expression, personality, etc.


The approach required for Civil Services Examination is different from other examinations as Civil Services  aspirant has to acquire knowledge of his/her surroundings, physical as well as social, with a probing mind. The aspirant should know something of everything: Polity, Economy, Geography, Science, Society, History, Current Affairs, Sports and Games, etc. It takes a lot of time to acquire knowledge of all these things. Secondly, good expression is essential for getting good marks in the Main Exam, particularly in the Essay paper, as well as in the Personality Test. Expression in any language cannot be developed overnight. It takes years to develop good expression and command of language. Thirdly, Clarity in thinking and writing comes out of practice over a period of time under the guidance of good guides. Finally, Personality Test (Interview) also matters a lot for getting selected for I.A.S. as it carries 275 marks. To do well at the Personality Test, one has to overcome personality deficiencies which takes considerable time as ‘habits die hard’. Hence, one should start preparing for Civil Services Examination at least from the first year of degree course onwards.


To serve these needs, Civil Services Long Term Coaching Program is being offered by R.C. Reddy I.A.S. Study Circle.

If interested, send an email message with your mobile no, name, address, educational qualifications, hobbies, and achievements,